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TOP 8 Best Sweet Chair List in 2022

Today I will share with you 8 extremely elegant and sweet chairs that you will fall in love with at a glance.

TOP1 – Bow Chair

The bow chair is also called the Miss Dior Chair. You can tell how girly this chair is from the name. This was specially designed by Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc for the “Miss Dior” art exhibition.

Inspired by writer Virginia Wolf’s novel “A Room of One’s Own”, Nika Zupan designed a room decorated with cannage pattern, in which a pink-gold bow chair blooms quietly , sweet and elegant, intellectual and restrained. The bow chair that appeared in the “Miss Dior” art exhibition is pink gold, it also has pink, green and other colors, but the most popular color is actually gold.

Whether used as a desk chair, makeup chair or dining chair, such a charming shape expresses a voice: I belong to a woman!

TOP2——Stay Dining Chair Rose Thé

The second chair (Stay Dining Chair Rose Thé) was designed by Nika Zupan for the French restaurant Rose Thé. The oval back fully retains the Rococo elements, making it retro and trendy.

The slender and attractive legs, rounded back and golden frame make the chair look very noble. The colors of this chair are all matte with low brightness and low purity, which perfectly reflects “low-key luxury”.

TOP3——Bertoia Diamond Chair

It has a structure similar to a diamond, with a general shape of carving, and the chair is basically not bad.

The master who designed the Diamond Chair is the famous Harry Bertoia, an American architect, jewelry, furniture designer and sculptor. Only a comprehensive talent like Bertoia can design a chair with the beauty of jewelry and the three-dimensional sense of sculpture.

TOP4 – Bertoia Side Chair

Bertoia has designed many metal chairs, and this one is one of them, named after Bertoia. The simple and light lines, the combination of the golden frame and the white cushion make the whole chair look like a slim girl. What’s more, Bertoia also designs small-sized seats for children.

TOP5——Butterfly Chair

The birth of the butterfly chair is very coincidental. Three Argentine designers, Bonet, Kurchan, and Ferrari-Hardoy, were responsible for designing an apartment in Buenos Aires. They designed this chair to match the apartment. popular. In the 1950s, it achieved 5 million sales and became a classic in the furniture industry.

With the tube base and leather, the designer takes minimalism to the extreme, from the back to the buttocks, fully immersed in the comfort of the leather, which is suitable for little fairies.

TOP6——Arper leaf lounge chair

The shape of the chair body is like a leaf, and the internal structure imitates the veins of the leaf, which is clean and refreshing. The leaf series was designed by Lievore Altherr Studio for the Italian furniture company Arper. This series has a variety of styles such as benches and dining chairs around the shape of leaves.

TOP7 – Julius Chair

This chair should be specially designed for princesses. A simple gold frame and soft pink seat back form a half-enclosed, modern and clean lines combined with timeless elegance.

Julius Chair is designed and developed by Portuguese high-end furniture brand Duistt. It was defined as a handed down work at the beginning of the design. If fairies own an original Julius Chair, they can pass it on in the future.

TOP8 – Kylie Wire Chair

The back of the chair is hemispherical, because the protection of the back is not enough, so the body must be straight when sitting on it. It can be said that this is a chair for fairies to correct their sitting posture.

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