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Top 4 Best Inspirational Movies in the World!

The 4 inspirational movies that the editor recommends to you today are all classics. I have watched each of them at least three times. I hope these films can give you confidence and strength when you are depressed and depressed! Without further ado, let’s go straight to the topic.

Movies TOP1: The Shawshank Redemption

Release Date: 1994/US
Starring: Tim Robbins; Morgan Freeman

The theme covering the whole film is “hope”, and the whole film shows the individual’s fear of “the passage of time and the transformation of the environment” through the special background of prison, a forced deprivation of liberty and a high emphasis on discipline.

“The Shawshank Redemption” is a classic work by American director Frank Darabont. This film is not only a critique of the American judicial and prison system, but also tells about the precious friendship between people. Under the cloak of realism is to reveal the necessary hope, freedom, perseverance in life. It is worth everyone to experience and learn.

Today, many years later, “The Shawshank Redemption” once came back to people’s eyes, ranking first in the Douban and IMDB rankings all the year round, becoming a well-deserved uncrowned king, a classic among the classics, spread in the world, Even people who haven’t seen this movie have heard of it more or less.

So, what is the reason for this classic movie, which is called the classic of the classics, so that it has always been at the top of the double list?

Movies Top2: Forrest Gump

Release Date/Location: 1994/US
Starring: Tom Hanks, Robin Wright

The book “Forrest Gump” is an American novel. It tells the story: Forrest Gump is a mentally retarded and idiot in the eyes of ordinary people, but his kind and simple nature, coupled with his extraordinary talents, made him successively become a college American football star, Vietnam War Heroes, world-class table tennis players, wrestlers, chess masters, and business tycoons, received an audience from President Kennedy, an award from President Johnson, and even stumbled upon the truth about Watergate.

Forrest Gump’s “vigorous” legendary life, which seems absurd, is actually a microcosm of the history and society of the United States from the 1950s to the 1970s. Through Forrest Gump’s eyes, we can also see the sinister complex and vulgarity of the world. A philistine, but he feels the sincerity of human nature is precious. This film tells us: even if we live in darkness, we must face life positively; life is changeable, no one can see through life at a glance, and we must break out of our own life down-to-earth.

Movies Top3: When happiness knocks on the door

Release Date/Location: 2006/US
Starring: Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Thandie Newton, Brian Howey

In 1981 San Francisco, Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is a brilliant medical device salesman who is having a hard time in a sub-depression. He travels to various hospitals and clinics every day, but doctors are not at all interested in his bone density scanner, which is twice as expensive as an X-ray scanner.

His wife, Linda (Sandy Newton), can’t bear the hardship any longer, leaving him and 5-year-old son Christopher (Jaden Smith) on the run. The Gardners were not over yet. They were kicked out by landlords because they couldn’t pay their rent, and sometimes even spent the night in subway bathrooms.

Determined to turn into a stockbroker with a chance to earn a high income, Chris’s hard work and wisdom impress Jay Twisto (Brian Hovey), the manager of the securities firm, and he passes the first test. In the re-examination, despite the bad apprenticeship, Chris had to wear a painter’s clothes to the interview site, but he was only a high school student with great determination.

In the end, several partners of the company thought it would be better to give him a chance. , so he became one of 20 interns. Life for the Gardners and his sons will be tougher for the six-month internship period afterward, as there is no salary for the internship period, and only one of the 20 interns can stay. For the time being, they have to rely on those bone density scanners to survive.

Revelation: Never give up trying. Even if he encounters any difficulties, he has to persevere. Although the male protagonist has many bad luck, he perseveres and does not miss any opportunity. He can go to work with just one shoe, and the last machine, no matter how he chases it, he will catch up. . . It’s all about living.

Movies Top4: Three idiots make trouble in Bollywood

Release Date/Location: 2009/India
Starring: Aamir Khan, Karina Kapoor

The film follows three students at the Royal Indian Academy who resist cramming in their playful behavior. Funny and humorous language and light-hearted performances bring great sensory and psychological enjoyment to the audience, and also allow the audience to think more about educational issues in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

In the film, Farhan, Raja and Lanqiu are students of the Royal Academy of Engineering. The three share a room and become friends. In an academy known for its rigor, Lanqiu was a very different student, not rote memorizing or even questioning the principal’s teaching methods.

He not only encouraged Farhan and Raja to pursue their ideals bravely, but also persuaded the principal’s second daughter, Bi Ya, to leave her stinky fiance.

Lanqiu’s two good friends, Farhan and Raja, each have their own troubles. Fahan loved photography, but a letter to a Hungarian photographer had been in his backpack for five years. Lanqiu gave him the courage to communicate with his father head-on and express his desire to do what he likes.

Raja’s family was in dire straits, which made him full of pressure and fear for the future, so he had to pin his inner fears on the gods. Lanqiu persuaded Raja to abandon his inner fears. Instead of worrying about tomorrow and the future, it is better to grasp today and not let the panic of the future become his shackles.

Inspiration: “All is well”. All is well, everything is fine! Pursue excellence and success will follow. Do what you love and follow your heart.” Let go of stress and live in the moment.