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Empire Style Furniture

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Empire style furniture is defined as large, imposing, and luxurious. Its design was inspired by Greek and Roman motifs. This type of furniture has sharp corners, symmetrical designs, and flat surfaces. The front sides may have bracket feet or curved feet. Many pieces also have curved tops, which can extend out like a swan neck.

Furniture of this style was often made from mahogany. In addition, some pieces were carved in high relief. Some antique pieces feature acanthus-leaf ornamentation, rope twist carving, and gilding.

Empire style was influenced by the Greco-Roman models, as well as by Ancient Greece and Egypt. These motifs were used to create a regal, sophisticated look. Most of these pieces were made from solid wood, while some were veneered. Mahogany was the most common wood, although walnut was sometimes used.

In the United States, American Empire furniture was characterized by heavily carved chests of drawers with scroll-shaped pillars. It was produced in Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore. However, it was mainly exemplified by New York cabinetmakers.

Empire furniture was made from mahogany or tulip poplar. These woods were locally sourced. Other woods such as beech and maple were also used. But the use of exotic woods such as ebony and rosewood was restricted. Since it was difficult to get these woods, French furniture makers turned to local materials.

Empire style is a great option for anyone looking for elegant, opulent furniture. Its elegant and substantial vibe makes it a great choice for a dreamy tea room or an opulent oasis.

Empire pieces are typically large and heavy. Several sphinxes, coats of arms, and eagles are also featured on the design of these furnishings. Some chairs have curved feet, while others are made with turned dowel or bracket feet. They are typically supported by lyre-shaped legs.

The klismos chair is another example of an Empire piece. This chair is modeled after Greek pottery. The high relief and bold carving of the klismos chair are accentuated by the outline of the seat.

While mahogany was the most popular wood used for Empire style, other woods such as walnut, beech, maple, and pine were used in its manufacture. This style continued to be popular in conservative regions of the country well into the nineteenth century.

Antique Empire-style furniture is characterized by bold colors and symmetrical shapes. Some pieces feature swans or other mythological creatures, as well as bold color schemes. Oftentimes, it is accompanied by antique brass hardware.

Among the most famous manufacturers of Empire furniture were Charles-Honore Lannuier and Duncan Phyfe. These manufacturers created elegant Empire designs in their Boston and Philadelphia workshops.

Empire furniture is available in a variety of styles and is perfect for any room in your home. If you are looking for a sofa for your home, a sofa bed, or even a couch for your apartment, you’ll be happy with the selection offered by Empire Furniture.

Empire furniture is available from several East Coast warehouses, including one in New Jersey. You can have your furniture delivered to your home the next day.