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Top 4 Best Classic Movies of 2022!

The 4 inspirational movies that the editor recommends to you today are all classics, and each of them is a classic. I hope these movies can give you confidence and strength when you are depressed and depressed!

Movie Top1: “Call Me Number One”

Release Date/Location: 2008/US
Starring: Jimmy Walker, Treat Williams

Brad was born with Tourette’s disease, a severe spastic disorder that causes him to wriggle his neck uncontrollably and make strange noises. And this kind of weird behavior made him not understood by the people around him since he was a child. In school, teachers often criticized him, classmates even ridiculed him, and even his father was disappointed with him.

In elementary school, because he couldn’t restrain his strange noises, he was regarded by the school as a bad boy who was not disciplined. Not only did the teachers not understand him, but his classmates even made fun of him for this behavior.

In the junior high school, at a school meeting, the principal cleverly let everyone know about Brad’s real situation, and also let Brad say some of his own thoughts, so that everyone knew that he didn’t mean to do anything wrong. more confident.

This opportunity also gave him a firm dream of becoming a teacher, even though the illness might make Brad’s quest for a teacher’s dream suspicious and frustrating.

After graduating from university, he insisted that every student deserves to be taught and wanted to be a teacher, and went to various schools to interview for teaching positions. He also asked him not to speak out in class before hiring him. These reasons made him frustrated, but fortunately, his mother has always supported him and encouraged him, allowing him to face life bravely and overcome difficulties. In the process, he also gained something. love.

In order to find a school that would accept him, Brad did not give up his dreams or beliefs, and worked hard silently. In the end, after interviewing about 25 schools, one was willing to hire him, so he finally became a sophomore tutor.

Revelation: Children are very different by nature, and you will find that some personalities are easier to get along with, while others are more challenging, for complex reasons.

If your child’s personality is very different from yours, accepting that difference can be a challenge. For example, if you like to read, garden, or do something quiet, but your child likes to have fun with friends, listen to music, be funny, and be the center of attention, you should probably learn to appreciate your child’s way of expressing himself.

To understand a child’s behavior from the child’s point of view, and to appreciate the child, is the performance of accepting the child. Acceptance is the best soil for the child to grow and cultivate self-confidence. Acceptance means accepting the child himself, accepting his feelings, personality, ideas, and giving the child respect and attention. Acceptance makes love constant.

Love and respect and trust are both necessary prerequisites for education. Parents have to believe that children are born with talent. Everything he has is worthy of the love of his parents, which is the value of a child.

Movie Top2: “Spring in the Cattle Class”

Release Date: 2004/France
Starring: Gérard Junior, Francois Belléon, Cade Maillard, Jean-Paul Bonaire, Marie Bonaire

In the French countryside in 1949, musician Clement (Gerard Zuno) went to a boys’ boarding school nicknamed “Tang Low” as an assistant teacher. Most of the students in the school are difficult problem children, and corporal punishment is commonplace here.

The quiet character Clement tried to improve this situation with his own methods. He re-composed musical works, organized a choir, and decided to use musical methods to open the closed hearts of the students.

However, things didn’t go well. Clement discovered that his student Pierre Moanqi (Chambatier Maurier) had an extraordinary musical talent, but he grew up in a single-parent family, and his personality was very sensitive and withdrawn. Unleashing Pierre’s musical talents gave Clement a headache; at the same time, his relationship with Pierre’s mother gradually became delicate.

Movie Top 3: “Braveheart”

Release Date: 1995
Starring: Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan

“Braveheart” is a film produced and distributed by The Ladd Company, directed by Mel Gibson, starring Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGohan, etc., on May 24, 1995 Released in the US.

The film tells the heroic story of Wallace leading the Scottish people to revolt against the enemy after the hero. The film won five awards including Best Picture and Best Director at the 68th Academy Awards in 1996.

Movie Top4: “Beautiful Mind”

Release Date/Location: 2001/US
Starring: Russell Crowder, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer, Paul Bettany

This film is a biographical film about the great mathematician of the 20th century, John Forbes-Nash Jr. John Forbes-Nash Jr. (Russell Crowe) published his famous game theory when he was a graduate student. Although the theory is only 26 pages long, it has had a profound impact in the fields of economy and military.

But just as John Forbes-Nash Jr. became famous internationally, his superior intuition was plagued by schizophrenia, but that didn’t stop him from advancing to the top academic ranks.

With the encouragement and help of his beloved wife Alicia (Jennifer Connelly), he walked slowly, but never stopped, and finally, with more than ten years of unremitting efforts and tenacious will, he Get your wish.