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Top 2 Best Home Appliance Brands in 2022

On a global scale, there are not a few home appliance brands like Fisher & Paykel that are comparable to luxury prices. Today, Xiaobian can briefly introduce a few high-end brands for your reference.

Appliance TOP1-Italian SMEG

Italy, the gathering place of luxury goods, naturally also has brands on the list. As one of the largest professional kitchen appliance manufacturers in the world, SMEG has more than 70 years of historical experience.

Its kitchen appliances are designed by world-renowned designers. From the appearance of the products to the internal functional technology, they have been constantly innovating. The products also use automated production technology. At the same time, in terms of kitchen appliances, it also has advanced production lines such as stoves, range hoods, disinfection cabinets and ovens, as well as advanced CNC stamping equipment.

SMEG’s products have always stood firm in terms of fashion, environmental protection, and humanistic atmosphere. While inheriting the tradition, they continue to combine the old and bring forth the new with contemporary features. Fisher & Paykel, let me reveal to you the “Australian lady” mentioned by the subject – the “true face” of Fisher & Paykel.

It belongs to New Zealand’s national treasure-level electrical appliance brand and is the largest technology-based company in New Zealand. “Product with soul” has become its unique brand spirit, and is known as the world’s most innovative top kitchen appliance brand. In Australia and throughout Europe and the United States, Fisher & Paykel has always enjoyed a high reputation for its low-key luxury and return to basics design concept, and has become a symbol of high society.

According to relevant data, Fisher & Paykel has 309 invention authorizations, and has a global leading position in the fields of compressors, dishwashers and washing machines that it specializes in. The Hilton Hotel where the subject stayed uses the high-end home appliance brand of Fisher & Paykel, which shows that it has fully met the audit standards of this type of international hotel, and can demonstrate the high-end tonality of its hotel.

Fisher & Paykel has the world’s original Dish Drawer drawer dishwasher technology and Active Smart built-in refrigerator technology. It also leads the global home appliance market in terms of core components such as washing machine direct drive motors and refrigerator linear compressors. The stainless steel anti-fingerprint door design, internal storage structure and well-designed storage box of this refrigerator are unmatched by many brands.

PML Corporation (Fisher & Paykel Production Equipment Co., Ltd.) has maintained a global leadership in the manufacturing of washing machine and dry cleaning machine inner drums, direct drive motors, outer casings, refrigerator door casings and other equipment manufacturing fields, especially direct drive motors and air suspension oil-free Compressor technology has always been the world leader.

The washing machine equipped with the direct-drive inverter motor can greatly reduce the operating noise; the refrigerator using the air-suspension oil-free compressor technology can realize that the fluctuation of the fresh-keeping temperature inside the refrigerator is close to zero, and can provide accurate, stable and lasting food for food. The best storage environment. Fisher & Paykel has also been part of the Haier Group since 2012.

Appliance TOP2- Casarte

There are also high-end home appliance brands in China, such as the well-known Casarte. Casarte’s brand positioning is “creative home appliances, styled life”. It aims to interpret Casarte’s brand of “inheriting the artistic tradition of Italy, relying on global design and manufacturing resources, and creating a style of life together with the elites who love life with the artist’s electronics and integrated cabinet electronics products that are rich in humanistic care”. connotation.

As one of Haier’s high-end brands, Casarte has 14 design centers, 28 cooperative R&D institutions around the world, and more than 300 internationally renowned designers. In product manufacturing and design, every step has undergone layers of research. with sanding.

For Casarte, it is not only the soul of art and exquisite craftsmanship, but also integrates the world’s advanced technological factors into the product, creating a subversive user experience in terms of artistry and practicality. With the understanding and focus on consumers, Casarte products have obtained many technical patents.

The Casarte Liberty built-in six-door refrigerator is a good “high-end” example. It is integrated with the cabinet itself, and innovatively applies the resh turbo eddy current dynamic sterilization technology, which effectively realizes cell-level freshness preservation and provides users with healthy and original taste. Coupled with the advanced fresh-keeping technology of dry and wet storage and infrared constant temperature, it ensures the best food quality. It is in the best fresh state, so even if you store mother and baby food, you don’t have to worry about the reliability of temperature and sterilization.

In fact, in addition to the “LV” in the home appliance industry listed above, in fact, Eurocave in France, Gaggenau in Germany, and CATA in Spain are all high-end home appliances in the world. They are not only stylish in appearance, practical in function, advanced in technology, but also quite own personality.

In addition, humanistic care, environmental protection, low energy, and health are also what these luxury home appliance brands have been relentlessly pursuing. With the development and innovation of domestic enterprises in the field of intelligent technology and the complementary advantages of cooperation with foreign enterprises, more domestic home appliance brands may appear on this “luxury home appliance list” in the future.