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Top 3 Most High-End Appliance Brands in 2022

Luxury goods are often defined as consumer goods with tangible or intangible value, and with unique, scarce and other characteristics. The Hilton Hotel is equipped with Fisher & Paykel appliances because the two brands have similar styles and pursue a luxurious and noble style.

On a global scale, there are not a few home appliance brands like Fisher & Paykel that are comparable to luxury prices. Today, Xiaobian can briefly introduce a few high-end brands for your reference.

Appliance TOP1 – ASKO in Sweden

As Europe’s largest home appliance manufacturer, it is known for designing and manufacturing high-end, top-of-the-line kitchen and laundry appliances. Its products are quite creative in design and durable, and at the same time, they are also very good in the rational use of space. At present, it has a large market in European and American countries and regions, and users can experience the European-style luxury life through its classic products.

Take the ASKO high drying wardrobe as an example. The appearance is fashionable and exquisite, the interior setting is flexible and concise, and it is full of intelligent features. It is suitable for people to put a variety of different types of clothes. And in the face of clothes and shoes of different materials, it can be dried within two hours.

It can be intelligently washed and dried according to the actual material, such as silk and linen clothes, and can reduce wrinkles. The dry cleaning effect is very ideal. In addition, it consumes less electricity, so it is also very pleasant in terms of energy saving.

Therefore, this type of high-end home appliances is already very popular with users in terms of practicality, not to mention its atmospheric and high-end advantages in design and appearance.

Appliance TOP2-Germany Miele

Founded in 1899, Miele is a world-renowned top brand for a century. It is no exaggeration to call it one of the most luxurious home appliance brands in the world. It highlights the luxury characteristics of home appliances and the art of life. Miele has always regarded comfort, art and taste as the main pursuit of its products.

Its oven will automatically select the most suitable baking method and required baking time for you after you easily wash the food and put it on the baking tray, and after cooking the food for you, it will automatically Turning on the self-cleaning function completely constructs the “magic” of turning tablecloth into food.

And this kind of comfortable and beautiful life is created by the top home appliance brands for users. It strives to make every detail in life a kind of enjoyment in users’ life.

Appliance TOP3-American GE

GE, which is also a high-end brand in the home industry, can be said to be one of the largest home appliance manufacturers in the world. The home appliance products it creates not only represent the taste and style of users, but also gain popularity in terms of industrial standards and low energy consumption.

As a world-renowned GE automatic central water treatment system, it has always been one of the favorite brands of high-end people. This system can control water hardness by treating ionic components in water resources, and remove microbial foreign matter in water, making water It has become softer and clearer, which has also become one of the products that some high-level foreigners usually choose when they choose home appliances.