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8 Best Storage Furniture to Keep Your Home From Crowding

Let’s talk about a heart-wrenching thing. How many people buy a house despite the housing price and frugality, only to find that the more they live, the more crowded they become?

The reason is that the decoration in the early stage was not planned well, resulting in a waste of space: the top of the cabinet is too high to reach, the out-of-season quilts fill the wardrobe, the bed becomes a pile of clothes, the dining table becomes a storage table, and I have no choice but to buy a bunch of cabinets for emergency…

The storage space in the home must account for at least 12% of the total area and above, in order to live beautifully and comfortably. Today, according to the pain points of netizens, the editor has collected furniture that is suitable for the whole family and has its own storage function. Including the entrance, living room, bedroom, come and see what space is wasted by you without knowing it~

Entrance storage Furniture

  • Make the most of the entrance wall
  • shoe cabinet upgrade
  • Entrance integrated cabinet

The entrance is a place that is easily overlooked, and a shoe cabinet with a height of 1.2 meters is placed everywhere. In fact, the wall can be widened upwards to make full use of the height. If you are decorating and have a budget, you can make custom cabinets.

If you have already moved in, we recommend a hallway integrated cabinet that integrates coat rack + shoe cabinet + shoe changing stool + display area, which can also be used as a partition cabinet after entering the door. It allows you to take off your coat, sit down to change your shoes, and store your hat, which is in line with most people’s daily movements, saves time when you get out of the door, and allows you to sleep 10 minutes more every day.

The three-dimensional coat rack, the soft bag changing shoe stool, and the shoe polish and shoehorn are put down in the small drawer, which is easy to handle, allowing you to change shoes comfortably. Such a clean foyer will make you feel good when you leave early in the morning and come home late.

bedroom storage Furniture

  • Under-bed space recycling
  • low frequency item placement
  • high box storage bed

Speaking of the protagonist of the storage furniture in the bedroom, the wardrobe is none other than the wardrobe! But if your closet is already full, you might as well consider changing to a storage box-type bed, putting out-of-season clothes and quilts in it, and sleeping and storing it well, and it also releases the pressure on the closet.

Recommended storage storage bed, all-you classic wood grain double bed, classic and versatile, comfortable and stable, environmentally friendly board, the key is the large-capacity storage box, which can hold 4 out-of-season quilts/100 pieces of thin clothes/4-6 bags/20-30 toys! “

The two-stage splicing bed screen creates contact surfaces with different angles, which fits more comprehensively with the curve of the waist and back, making it comfortable and relaxing to lean on. The bed screen is tilted backward by 95° to disperse the pressure on the lower back. Environmentally friendly paint-free decorative panel, 360° edge sealing, strong stability, not easy to crack.

Living room storage Furniture

  • drawer coffee table
  • small items storage

Generally speaking, the most powerful storage in the living room is the TV cabinet, especially the full-wall custom TV wall cabinet, the storage capacity is appropriate. However, there is a storage corner that is frequently used but easily overlooked, which is the coffee table.

Many people buy a coffee table because of its appearance, but forget that the coffee table also has storage responsibilities: TV/air conditioner remote control, snacks, books, water cups… Things are small but easy to mess. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the drawer type when starting the coffee table.

We recommend a solid wood storage coffee table. Whether you are sitting cross-legged or lying on the sofa, you can easily store things and take it with ease. It is a coffee table that understands what you need. You can put the remote control, power bank, and snacks.

The sofa bed is multi-purpose and saves a large bed. If the home area is not large and parents and relatives occasionally come to play for a few days, then there is no need to buy another bed to occupy the precious space in the home. Consider replacing the sofa with a sofa bed, it can also save a lot of space~

The foldable sofa bed is recommended, covering an area of ​​only 1.77 square meters, fully considering the limited space of a small apartment, it is small and cute. Cotton blended fabric, skin-friendly, breathable, thick and wear-resistant. High-elastic sponge seat bag, moderately soft and hard, not sinking for a long time, fully support the waist, back and shoulders. The fabric fabric is removable and washable, and the solid wood sofa corner is durable. It is more convenient to stay up late to watch dramas and stay overnight with relatives and friends.