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2022 The Most Complete Lighting Purchase Suggestions

1.Living room lighting

As the main activity area in the family, the choice of brightness in the living room should be moderate. Taking the mainstream ceiling lamp lighting effect of about 70-80lm/W as an example, the lighting power required in the living room is 4-5W/square in the living room, and the recommended color temperature is to choose No more than 4000k.

Of course, lamps with color temperature adjustment function are another matter. If you don’t want to convert, just remember that 100-150W of lighting in the living room will not go wrong.

In terms of top lighting, considering the ceiling height restrictions of urban homes, it is recommended that ceiling lamps are the first choice, followed by chandeliers. If the space at home is large, considering the comfort of light, multi-level, multi-choice, and multi-local lighting methods should be adopted as far as possible.

Therefore, for larger families, they will choose to add a floor reading lamp in the living room, and everyone will choose according to the actual use of their own homes.

2.Bedroom lighting

The bedroom is a sleeping area or a relatively “quiet” area. It is recommended that the color temperature be controlled at 3000K to 4000K, which is the range of natural warm light. This low color temperature lamp has less blue light components, which is beneficial to people’s physical and mental relaxation and sleep.

Low color temperature and low brightness will make the room light look warm and comfortable. The power is recommended to be 2-3w/flat. If a single color temperature lamp is used, it is recommended to use a low color temperature ceiling lamp in the bedroom.

In addition, considering the needs of getting up at night, it is strongly recommended that you choose lighting fixtures that can adjust the brightness and have a night light mode when purchasing bedroom lights, especially the bedrooms of children and the elderly, which will reduce the amount of light at night. Poor safety hazards lead to falls.

In addition, if you want to install a bedside lamp in the bedroom, the ideal height can be controlled at about 1.4m.

3.Restaurant lighting

As a catering functional area, the most important thing in lighting selection is to make people more appetizing. According to research, warm light can stimulate appetite and relax the mood. It is recommended to choose a warm color temperature (2700k-3500k) for the color temperature of the restaurant lights, and choose about 4w/square for the lighting power.

In the selection of lamps and lanterns, there are generally chandeliers, ceiling lamps, and fan lamps. In recent years, chandeliers have been chosen the most, followed by ceiling lamps, and finally fan lamps. The reason is relatively simple. The restaurants are generally near the kitchen and belong to the hardest hit area of ​​oil pollution. The complex and exaggerated shapes are really difficult for future cleaning and maintenance.

Therefore, everyone slowly chooses to focus on simple chandeliers or simply choose ceiling lamps with suitable brightness. In terms of the lighting size of the restaurant lamps, it is recommended to purchase according to the size of the restaurant and the table. It is recommended that the size of the lamp head occupy about one-third of the width of the dining table, and the ideal distance between the lamp head and the table is about 70cm. It is recommended that the main light in the dining room and the light in the living room be the same color light, so that it looks better visually.

4.Study lighting

Soft ambient light + countertop lamps is an ideal matching method. The selection of lighting lamps in the study follows the selection principle of small size rather than large size. The color temperature can be controlled at about 4000k, the color temperature should not be too high, and the appearance of blue light sources should be reduced.

As for the power, it is enough to buy it according to 3-4W/ping. If you like particularly bright study lighting, a color temperature of 5000k is also available.

However, we must pay attention to choose lighting that meets the requirements of anti-blue light level. The general requirement is RG0, and it also needs to meet the requirements of no glare, stroboscopic flicker, no video flicker, and a color rendering index of 85 or more to meet the general needs.

If your eyes are uncomfortable, it is recommended to use a lower color temperature such as 4000k. In addition, if you have color requirements such as drawing and painting, the higher the color rendering index, the better.

5.Kitchen lighting

The kitchen needs efficient operation, and the requirements for contrast will be higher. It is recommended to choose 5-6W/flat for lighting power, and it is recommended to choose low color temperature or positive white light for color temperature, preferably around 4000K.

Everyone should pay attention to the brightness of the light source in the kitchen can choose a brighter lamp. If it is an open kitchen or the kitchen area is really large, downlights can be added in time.

6.Bathroom lighting

The bathroom is divided into two areas, dry and wet. As for the lighting in the wet area, the Yuba is handed over to the Yuba. Generally, the Yuba will have lighting. Next, let’s talk about the lighting in the dry area of ​​the bathroom. This area urgently needs floodlights to supplement the brightness, and also needs uniform and soft facial lighting with sufficient illumination.

Therefore, it is recommended to install a ceiling lamp + a mirror with its own light source above the basin to meet the lighting needs of washing, makeup, and hair finishing. The recommended lighting color temperature is 4000-4500K, and the power is 4w/flat.