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3 Points To Know The Best Floor Lamp

If you feel that your room is too monotonous, and you want a room full of style and temperament that is off the street next door, then a unique floor lamp can often embellish your room with charming colors.

Lamps have always been a powerful tool to change the style and mood of a family. Among the lamps, choosing the right floor lamp that matches the temperament and style of your room is simply “moisturizing and silent”. At this time, the style and atmosphere of the room are reflected. , and it also lacks the link of punching the wall and the roof, so the small partners who rent can also start without pressure.

If you want to add lighting in other directions beyond the top of the lamp to create a more romantic and comfortable atmosphere, then the floor lamp will be a good choice. However, in the process of selection, special attention should be paid to the color and brightness of the light, which will greatly change the impression of the room, so there are some points to pay attention to when purchasing.

In the following content, I will first introduce to you the types of floor lamps and purchasing skills.

Types of floor lamps

According to the different lighting positions in the room, the selection of suitable floor lamps is also different. Floor lamps are mainly divided into the following three types:

  • umbrella type
  • Concentrator
  • upside-down

Umbrella type floor lamp

Soft light and strong presence.

The floor lamp is covered with an umbrella-shaped lampshade on the upper part of the lamp post, and belongs to a projection type lamp. The mainstream lampshade materials are cloth, enamel, thin wood, etc. The light emitted is not a concentrated beam, but a gradually blurred light. The light is softer, which is conducive to creating a warm atmosphere.

The umbrella-shaped lampshade will make the lamp look larger as a whole, which can not only illuminate the room, but also has a great sense of presence.

spotlight floor lamp

Concentrate on a little light.

The main function of the spotlight floor lamp is to concentrate a little lighting, so most of these floor lamps can change the lighting angle. This kind of floor lamp is often used as a reading lamp when reading on the sofa, and can also be used to illuminate paintings or decorations placed at a certain angle in the room to better render the atmosphere of the room.

sky lantern

Soft light illuminates the upper space.

This lamp is just the opposite of the umbrella-type floor lamp. The large area of ​​the lampshade is facing upwards, which is suitable for illuminating the ceiling and the upper part of the room. Since the light is upward, the light directly entering the eyes will not be too irritating, the light is softer, and the healing feeling is praised.

This type of floor lamp is very effective as a bedside lamp, especially before you fall asleep, without affecting sleep, not only lighting, but also helping to relax the nerves.

The choice of lampshade type has been introduced above, and here we will talk about the choice of lighting method. There are two types of lighting, one is direct lighting and the other is indirect lighting, each with different characteristics.

direct lighting

As the name suggests, it is to shine wherever you want. According to the type of lampshade, spotlight lamps belong to this category. This lighting method is mostly used on fluorescent lamps and LED lamps, which are suitable for reading and learning.

indirect lighting

Indirect lighting means that it is not directly illuminated on the required lighting position, but is illuminated by the reflection of other objects, so the light is dark and soft, which can be used to create an atmosphere, and the atmosphere is full.