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The Timeless allure of Medieval Candle Holders


Candles have played an important role in human history, serving as both a source of light and a means of decoration. The medieval period was a time when candle making and candle holders saw significant advancements. The use of candle holders during this era was not just ornamental but also had practical purposes. Medieval candle holders are still admired and sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the timeless allure of medieval candle holders.

The History of Candle Holders:

Candles have been around since ancient times, but the use of candle holders to hold them is a more modern development. In medieval times, candle making and candle holders saw significant advancements, with the wealthy commissioning elaborate decorative candlesticks that were often made of silver or gold. The more common people utilized a variety of materials, including pewter, brass, and iron, to make candle holders that were more functional than ornamental.

The Purpose and Design:

Medieval candle holders were not just decorative pieces; they served a variety of purposes. Candlesticks were utilized for lighting purposes, especially during religious ceremonies. They also served as status symbols, with the wealthy utilizing candlesticks that were elaborately decorated and expensive. The design of medieval candle holders varied greatly, with many being intricately detailed and elaborate, while others were more utilitarian in design.

Types of Medieval Candle Holders:

There were various types of candle holders used in medieval times, including candle sconces, candlesticks, and candelabras. Candle sconces were attached to walls and held a single candle, while candlesticks were similar to modern-day candle holders, consisting of a base, stem, and holder for the candle. Candelabras were large, multi-branched candle holders that held multiple candles at once.

The Legacy of Medieval Candle Holders:

Today, medieval candle holders are still popular among collectors and enthusiasts. The intricate designs and elaborate craftsmanship on these candle holders showcase the skill of medieval artisans. They continue to inspire modern-day artisans and designers, with many incorporating the design elements of medieval candle holders into their own work.

The Value of Medieval Candle Holders:

Medieval candle holders have become sought after by collectors due to their rarity, historical significance, and aesthetic appeal. The value of these candle holders varies greatly depending on factors such as material, age, and design. Some pieces are worth a significant amount of money and are considered prized possessions of collectors.