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Flos Skygarden Suspension: A Perfect Blend of Nature and Modernity

The Inspiration Behind the Design

Flos Skygarden Suspension is a unique lighting fixture that combines nature and modern design. The inspiration behind the design comes from the sky gardens that are common in modern architecture. The designer, Marcel Wanders, wanted to capture the beauty of these sky gardens and bring them into our homes.

The Features of Flos Skygarden Suspension

The Flos Skygarden Suspension is a stunning piece of art that can enhance the beauty of any room. It is available in two sizes: small and large. The small size is perfect for bedrooms, while the large size is ideal for living rooms or dining rooms. The fixture is made of plaster and comes in four different finishes: white, rust, black, and gold.

The most striking feature of the Flos Skygarden Suspension is the intricate floral design on the interior of the fixture. The design is handcrafted and gives the impression that you are looking up at a real sky garden. The light source is hidden behind the design, providing a soft and warm glow that creates a cozy atmosphere in any room.

The Benefits of Using Flos Skygarden Suspension

There are several benefits to using the Flos Skygarden Suspension in your home. Firstly, it is a conversation starter. The unique design is eye-catching and will leave your guests amazed. Secondly, it can be used in any room. The warm glow of the light can create a soothing atmosphere in a bedroom, while the large size can make a statement in a living room or dining room.

Thirdly, it is a versatile piece of art. By changing the color of the bulb, you can change the mood of any room. For example, a yellow bulb can create a warm and cozy atmosphere, while a blue bulb can create a calming effect. Finally, it is a sustainable lighting option. The LED bulb used in the fixture is energy-efficient and can last for up to 25,000 hours.

The Popularity of Flos Skygarden Suspension

Flos Skygarden Suspension has become a popular lighting fixture among interior designers and architects. It has been featured in several high-end residential and commercial projects. Its popularity can be attributed to its unique design, versatility, and sustainability.

Flos Skygarden Suspension: A Piece of Art in Your Home

In conclusion, Flos Skygarden Suspension is a perfect blend of nature and modernity. Its intricate floral design and warm glow can enhance the beauty of any room. Its versatility and sustainability make it a popular lighting fixture among interior designers and architects. If you want to add a piece of art to your home, then Flos Skygarden Suspension is the perfect choice for you.